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I am a "cleaner". I arrange and improve marketing processes in hotels as well as marketing and communication skills of the team.

who am I?

A graduate of „Quality Management” from the Maritime University of Gdynia, an instructor of practical hospitality science, hotelier – associated with the industry since 2005.

I gained my first and solid hotel experience while working on P&O Princess Cruises passenger ships sailing the world. Previewing the organization of work in an international corporation and active participation in it, provided knowledge, experience and skills that I successfully used in subsequent hotels in which I had to work, among others: Sofitel Grand Hotel Sopot, Velaves Spa & Resort Władysławowo or Hotel Skipper **** in Rewa.

Over the past four years, I have successfully managed Hotel Skipper****, which has become one of the most recognizable and desirable hotel by the sea in a very short time. And also creative, coherent and sometimes controversial, marketing brought fulfillment.

Non-standard projects (example: KidsTravel) “is my middle name”. I am built up of key competences, such as strategic planning, synergy in action, delegation, motivation, communication and self-confidence. Check the details in the file to download below.


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Kids Travel

why it's worth it to work with me?

„Effectiveness is a measure of truth.    If a person is ineffective in life, it means that the truth he uses is outdated – and it is worth changing it. ” – Jacek Walkiewicz


I am an experienced manager and I will help you manage your business. How am I better than others?

  • I am effective
  • I’m not wasting your time because time is money
  • I share my know-how and few people do it
  • I create a vision of a product / service, storytelling
  • I see no problems but challenges
  • I analyze, propose solutions, supervise the implementation process, control
  • I build strong teams, motivate by solving problems (challenges), satisfying ambitions and vision
  • I optimize the costs, do you want to dismiss employees? I will do it for you
  • I focus on doing a very good job
  • I work with a professional graphic designer, copy writer, filmmaker
  • I can work on a contract, reducing your fix employment costs

On the next page I have prepared for you a detailed range of fields in which I can help you. I didn’t choose these by accident …

Kids Travel

I can be your COO – Chief Operating Officer

I provide consulting in the following areas:

  • crisis management
  • reports for the Management Board
  • inventory reports
  • budgeting
  • cost control, appropriate cost assignment in the chart of accounts
  • calculation of the profitability of services
  • service margin
  • menu engineering, food cost / beverage cost
  • commission systems
  • creating and implementing procedures
  • creating organizational charts + scopes of duties
  • creating regulations, privacy policy
  • applications for KFS (national training fund) co-financing
  • recruitment and training of employees
  • establishing cooperation with schools, labor office or city and commune offices under dual system contracts, apprenticeships, internships

I can be your Marketing and Sales Manager

I provide consulting in the following areas:

  • marketing strategy and planning
  • sales and marketing audit
  • creating a marketing budget
  • digital and traditional marketing
  • KPI monitoring and analysis
  • brand reputation management and guest relations
  • creating profitable offers / packages for individual and group sales, and implementing offers for sale in accordance with the calendar
  • Word Press, entering and modifying content on the website, onloine store
  • Social Wifi, Brand24, Canva support
  • social media support (facebook, instagram, YouTube)
  • content creation: photos, videos (editing)
  • organization and coordination of banquets, events, weddings
  • up-sell, cross-sell training, self-management over time

passion - enriches my quality of life and gives me energy to take action


Traveling became my first passion, which I discovered at the age of 21. I just love when stories of places, people, cultures and local cuisine build my experience. It allows me to respectfully accept the difference and diversity in the world around me.

The mountains became my second one, by trekking and climbing. I charge my baterries in the mountains and leave all stress (toxins) behind me on my way. I treat mountains as a challenge, and the harder the path to the goal, the more it strengthens me. Here I train patience, self-discipline and humility. # wgórachjestwszystkocokocham

In February 2019 I reached the Uhuru Peak on Kilimajaro 5,895 m a.s.l. And I’m planning more: Elbrus, Mont Blanc, Carstens Pyramid …

Kids Travel

Thank you for your time :)

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I counseling on operational management, marketing and sales in the hotel industry. If you are looking not only for a professional with an experience, but above all for people with an open mind and a sea of creative ideas WRITE :)
I will create an individual strategy that will make you stand out from the competition

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